Solar Power Radio

Key Features

The Solar Power Radio is a smart, compact and highly durable solar-powered device. It comes with a built-in solar panel, battery unit and bright torch light, and combines the user-friendly features of an analog AM/FM tuner with a digital LCD screen. The Solar Power Radio allows people living in remote areas to have equal access to news and information, especially during emergencies.


Lightweight, shockproof and waterproof solar-powered radio. Integrated solar panel, battery unit, AM/FM antenna and speaker Integrated torch light which can be operated independently of the radio or at the same time
Combined function dial for on/off and volume control
Two digital push buttons for manual and automatic tuning
Radio pre-tuned to the universal frequency for easy use. Tuning can be customised to local frequencies before shipment
To save power the LCD screen turns off after 30 seconds, and the radio starts on the last listened-to station
Mini-USB Series B port, jack for earphones and waterproof cover
Charges in one full day of sunlight. Lasts up to 15-18 hours at half volume / 12 hours on full volume
Life span of three years / 1,200+ charge cycles.