Solar Power Lantern

Key Features

The powerful and multi-functional Solar Power Lantern makes a vital contribution to the livelihoods of people in remote areas, enabling them to move around their village after dark in safety and participate in community meetings, to work on small businesses for longer, and to give their children more time to complete their homework and studies at night. It offers a choice of two lighting modes: either as traditional lantern, or alternatively, as a powerful down lighter, giving comfort and flexibility to users. In addition, the lantern’s integrated phone charging system keeps the family and community members connected.


Lightweight solar lantern with built-in phone charger. The integrated solar panel allows users to track the sun for maximum charging efficiency. Alternatively the lantern can be charged with mains electricity.
Provides one hour of light on full power for every hour it is charged in the sun. Lasts up to 8 hours on full power
120-degree viewing angle and 3-setting switch
The twisting light head in the base of the lantern can be activated to offer a powerful down lighter, comprising 12 LED lights emitting 39 lux from 1 meter
Charges an average 700mAh phone to 56% in 107 minutes allowing two phones to be charged from one lantern on alternate days
Separate batteries within the lantern avoid phone charging and light production competing for a limited power supply
Built-in stainless multi-purpose steel handle for easy fixation and carrying, which can be folded away to minimize shipping costs
Waterproof and shockproof with CE / ROHS certificate. Life span of 3 years / 1,000 charge cycles.