Key Features

The Afridev Hand Pump is a dependable water solution offering a remarkable discharge rate of 16.5 litres per minute and a versatile static water level range of 20 to 45 metres.

With durable components like the UPVC cylinder assembly and a choice of pump rod materials, it ensures access to clean water in various environments, making it an ideal choice for communities and individuals alike.


Impressive Discharge
The Afridev Hand Pump boasts a remarkable discharge rate of 16.5 litres per minute, ensuring you get the water you need quickly and efficiently. With just 40 strokes, you can easily pump 412 ml in a single stroke, making it ideal for various water needs.
Variable Water Depth
Adapt to your environment with a static water level range of 20 to 45 metres. Whether you're dealing with shallow or deep water sources, the Afridev Hand Pump has you covered
Precise Stroke Length
Its stroke length of 225 ± 6 mm ensures optimal water extraction with each stroke, maximizing your effort's efficiency
Durable Pump Rod
Choose between a threaded or eye hook-type pump rod, available in stainless steel (SS), mild steel (MS), or fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). With a length of 3 metres, it provides robust support for your pumping needs
Reliable Riser Pipe
The Afridev Hand Pump features a sturdy UPVC riser pipe with an outer diameter of 63 mm and a thickness of 4.7 mm. Available in 2.9 or 3-metre lengths, it ensures the integrity of your water supply
Built to Last
The above-ground components, including the head box handle, front and rear handles, and stand assembly, are constructed from hot-dip galvanized mild steel. This ensures durability and longevity, even in harsh environments
Efficient Cylinder Assembly
The cylinder assembly is crafted from UPVC pipe with a brass liner inside. It includes a plunger valve and foot valve, available in either brass or nylon (Derlin) to suit your specific requirements.
Versatile Casing Pipe
With a casing pipe diameter ranging from 100 mm to 200 mm, the Afridev Hand Pump is adaptable and can be used in various well sizes, including dug wells