AFAD Family Disaster Tent

Key Features

Crafted for utilization in both natural and human-caused calamities, this tent boasts portability, convenience in storage, and effortless assembly. It offers a choice between two versions: one with an all-cloth cover and another with a PVC top. Additionally, the tent features an entrance door at the front and an emergency exit door at the rear for enhanced accessibility and safety



Key Features:

  • Spacious Living Area: With a total living area of 9m² (3x3m),  12m² (4x3m), 16m² (4x4m), or 25m² (5x5m),
  • Optimal Height: The tent offers a middle height of 1.97m and a peak height of 2.87m, allowing for easy movement inside.
  • Durable Materials: Crafted from robust 600g polyester canvas, the tent is built to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring protection.
  • Insulation Options: Choose between insulated and non-insulated versions, the insulated option features foam for added warmth and comfort.
  • Flooring: Equipped with a reliable polyester flooring and 100g/m² lining cloth for added insulation and comfort.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame: The tent’s stability is reinforced by a 42x2mm galvanized steel pipe frame, assuring durability.
  • Additional Features: Mud flaps to keep the interior clean and a convenient zipper flap door for easy access.

Versatility for Any Crisis:

Whether it’s a natural disaster or an emergency situation, our Disaster Tent is designed for quick and efficient deployment. It’s easy to carry, store, and set up, making it a practical choice for various scenarios.

Safety First:

The tent features an entrance door at the front for easy access and an emergency exit door at the back to ensure your family’s safety is a top priority.

Choose Your Protection:

With two options available – all-cloth and PVC-topped – you can select the tent that best suits your needs.


Living Area
12m2/ 16 m2
Fit for
5 -6 persons
UV Resistant
Harsh Weather Resistant
AFAD Standards


Outer Tent Roof
Material Canvas Polyester canvas
Outer Tender Sidewall
Made of Single or Double Layer of Poly/Cotton, Water and Rot Proof, UV Treated Canvas
Inner Tent
Made of Single or Double Poly/Cotton, Water and Rot Proof, UV Treated Canvas
Optional Polyester Flooring
Galvanized Steel or Aluminum
Mud Flaps - Zipper flap Door- 2 Front Windows and Stove ventilation
PE Bag

Loadability Info

20’ GP container
With pallets
10 cages, 100 tents
Without pallets
115 tents
40’ DC container
With pallets
20 cages, 280 tents
Without pallets
310 tents
40’ HC container
With pallets
20 cages, 300 tents
Without pallets
340 tents
Volume per cage
Number of tents/cage
1,045 kgs approx.
2.97 cbm