ILS emergency response units responds to the Ukrainian war

22 March 2022

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has resulted in countless casualties and left many communities in dire need of assistance. International Logistics Services (ILS) has stepped up to the challenge, mobilizing its networks to serve the well-being of those affected by the conflict.


ILS has supplied relief essentials to UN agencies working inside war-torn, remote areas in Ukraine. Despite the challenges posed by the conflict, ILS has managed to deliver these vital supplies to communities that have been cut off from assistance.


ILS understands that emergency relief is crucial in disaster response, and have taken a proactive approach to ensure that their emergency stockpiles are ready for immediate deployment. We integrated approach to logistics coordination ensures that inter-organization performance is optimized, redundancy is eliminated, and efficiency is maximized along the supply chain.


The relief essentials that ILS has provided include food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. These items are critical for the survival of those affected by the conflict, particularly those living in remote areas where access to basic necessities is limited. ILS’s emergency response in Ukraine demonstrates their commitment to serving communities in need, regardless of the challenges presented by conflict and other disasters. By working with UN agencies and other partners, ILS is able to provide relief essentials to those who need it most, even in the most difficult of circumstances

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